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Heroes Faves

Celebrating Awesome in the Heroes Fandom

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Where fandom goes to live

Welcome to Heroes Faves!

This community is designed to have a little bit of everything in regards to the TV show Heroes, and also as a means of keeping the love for the series and fandom going.

We encourage old and new media.

Moderators will post prompts from time to time, requesting faves of members. Members are encouraged to talk about the prompt, post like crazy, and have fun! Prompts may be something like this:

Favorite Nathan fics?
Favorite unknown videos?
Favorite behind-the-scenes photo?
Favorite animated gif?

If posting a favorite, try to say why you liked it. Did a video make you cry? Did a fic make you laugh? Did a fan-comic give you that warm, fuzzy feeling? Reviews of the fave you're posting are encouraged! Whether you say "This was awesome!" or "The characterization was spot on, and the allusions made in chapter three reminded me of classic literature," creators and readers will appreciate your opinion.

Sometimes there might be a contest, a meme, or massive RP. Or maybe a cast member posted a hilarious new tweet. Heroes communities can even post reminders about their own events (contests, party posts), or advertise.

Please join and visit the Community Overview, Rules, and Disclaimer.


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Want to be an affiliate? Please message a moderator!

* IMPORTANT NOTE * In order to maintain compliance with LiveJournal's Terms of Service, this community is flagged for containing explicit adult content. While the majority of our entries are not, in fact, adult in nature, we'd rather err on the side of caution to keep the community around. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.