December 19th, 2011

Claude Past and Present

Fic: The Ex-Company Man

Author: bigbadwolfeboro aka Tarot (me)
Disclaimer:  I don’t own Heroes or any of the characters.  Tim Kring created it and as far as I know NBC owns it.  Natalie Chaidez  is listed as the writer of “The Fix,”  which is a jumping off point for this.
Spoilers:  Season 1 all the way through Season 4, including the graphic novels.  Starts with an intro in 2006 but the bulk is set during 1984

Fandom: Heroes

Genre: Gen, some light drama

Word count: 1,457

Characters: Primarily: Claude Rains and Charles Deveaux. Peter Petrelli is in the brief section from “The Fix” leading to this flashback, and there is a brief moment in that flashback with the mysterious Sylvia 
Pairings: Claude/Sylvia (brief and nothing graphic)
Rating:  PG13 as most kids might not get this and there’s’ some mild swearing.
Summary: Missing scene and flashback explaining how Claude wound up working for the Company in the first place

The fic is in my journal.  Thank you for reading it.

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