December 7th, 2011

Matt 5YG

Secrets Buried Under the Deepest Sand - Mohinder and Matt

Title: Secrets Buried Under the Deepest Sand
Author: dancingdragon3
Length: ~ 3200 words
Characters: Mohinder, Matt, mentions of Mohinder/Nathan (Sylar)
Genre: drama, angst
Rating: PG-13 for light swearing and dark subject matter
Summary/Setting: Takes place near the end of the episode Five Years Gone. This is after Synathan, Mohinder, and Matt meet at Hiro’s loft in NYC and right before the climax at the Homeland Security building in midtown. (It’s taking place at the same time that Synathan is taking Claire’s ability at the Petrelli mansion.) Mohinder is disturbed by the President’s asking him to kill past-Hiro Nakamura, so he calls a private meeting with Matt to discuss his fears about who Nathan really is.
Notes: Written for the Missing Scenes Ficathon at heroes_faves for the character of Mohinder.
Beta by means2bhuman.

The bar was called Hawthorne's and was located in downtown Manhattan.

Extra Scene: Matt's POV at the end.

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