November 8th, 2011

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Question about Sylar's ability; Angels and Monsters

In this week's Heroes Rewatch of Season 3's Angels and Monsters, there was a line that really jumped out at me. Canfield had summoned a vortex that threatened to suck Claire, Noah and Sylar inside. Claire almost went in. Sylar grabbed her hand and saved her. After the vortex vanished and the three began to recover, Sylar said, "Claire, you hate me. I understand. When I touched your hand, I could feel the pain that I caused you and I never meant for you be in any of this..."

Let me repeat: "When I touched your hand, I could feel the pain that I caused you ..." Wait a second! What's going on there? Sylar can now sense emotions by touch? When did that happen? Why? How? Has it always been that way? Is this an intentional precursor to him being able to get abilities without killing?

A. He acquired an ability off screen sometime between the end of season 2 and now. It's possible, of course, although the show tracks him pretty closely. It seems to me that he goes directly from Mohinder's place to Claire's, and then to Level 5 for the buffet.

B. He always had this ability because it's part of his core ability. He just never used it. And it's why he avoided touching his victims as much as possible, using the impersonal, distant telekinesis to manipulate them instead.

C. He just developed it the season because the writers wanted to shoehorn in some empathy for him, as a prelude to the getting-powers-without-killing angle.

D. It's a variation of Bridget's ability to touch things and get memories from them. Later he's specifically unable to get memories from an unconscious Nathan, but it's implied that it is Nathan's lack of consciousness that causes it. So if he can extract memories from the wakeful, then maybe when he touches Claire's hand here he got an instant feed of all her recent memories of being hurt and traumatized by what Sylar did.

Your thoughts?
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ReWatch - Hiatus

jackvelvet and I have discussed the Rewatch, and we've decided to put it on Hiatus until after the Holidays. There's a lot going on for the next couple of months, and in 2012 we can get the ball rolling again.

We hope this helps you catch up if you've fallen behind, and it'll give you time to focus on the Missing Scene Ficathon.