November 4th, 2011

Heroes News November 2-3

Challenge 72! Reminder at kbellstills
Challenge 71! Voting Reminder at kbellstills
20in20 Round: Banners - Themes at kbellstills

News and Information
New Interview about Jai's Role in Last Half of Season 2 at sendhilfans
Static 3D Poster at milo_fans
"The Divide" Gets Unrated January Release at milo_fans

Comm News and Information
Nanowrimo beta request by trickylady
Kink Meme? at heroeskinkmeme


Halloween Shorts by means2bhuman [Sylar/Peter | PG]
Handle With Care, Chapter Five: Bill of Lading by game_byrd [Sylar/Peter | NC-17]
In a World Without You by meredithleon [Peter, Claire (Petlar) | PG-13]
Harsh Lesson by game_byrd [Sylar/Peter | PG-13]
Handle With Care, Chapter Six: Hand Delivery by game_byrd [Sylar/Peter | NC-17]
Drabble. by lornrocks [Sylar/Peter | PG]
Handle With Care, Chapter Seven: Return to Sender by game_byrd [Sylar/Peter | NC-17]

The Devils You Think You Know, Chapter 25 by 1bill_sookie [Sylar/Claire | R]
The Devils You Think You Know, Chapter 26 by 1bill_sookie [Sylar/Claire | R]
The Devils You Think You Know, Epilogue by 1bill_sookie [Sylar/Claire | R]




#118 at heroes_sylar
From Last Night's Covert Affairs at sendhilfans
Hesam, Hesam/Peter - Rated M by adnawun at [Unknown LJ tag]


Daily #551 - Lauren & Noah at heroespiclove
510; shirtless at milodaily
Wednesday Jack is Protective at jcoleman_daily
#587 at pasdar_daily
Tuxedo Jack at jcoleman_daily
Daily #552 - Claire Bennet at heroespiclove
511; at milodaily
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Screencaps of Santiago's appearance on Covert Affairs by madmguillotine at santiago_fans
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Higher Quality Caps by madmguillotine at santiago_fans
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