November 2nd, 2011

Heroes News! October 31 & November 1

Challenge 72 at kbellstills
Challenge 71 Voting! at kbellstills
The "Spoil" banners have been posted at heroes_contest

General News
People Magazine Interview at sendhilfans
(Santiago Cabrera on) Covert Affairs at santiago_fans

Still Breathing by del_rion [Claire, Peter, Nathan | rated K]
Volition by meredithleon [Angela, Nathan, Peter | rated PG]

Of Waffles and Love by del_rion [Peter/Sylar, Nathan, Claire, Noah | rated M]
The World Has Its Shine (But I Would Drop it on a Dime For You) by lornrocks [Peter/Sylar | rated Hard R]
Handle with Care, Chapter Three: Inaccurate Labeling by game_byrd [Peter/Sylar | rated NC-17]
Handle with Care, Chapter Four: Destination Unknown by game_byrd [Peter/Sylar | rated NC-17]
Close Enough to Touch by brighteyed_jill [Nathan/Peter | rated NC-17]

Zachary Quinto by drEminens
Zachary Quinto 5 by gabiellalili
SYLAR by Nuni87
Elle Bishop Chibi by MissPeterPetrelli
Daddies Little Shock by MissPeterPetrelli
alien or robot? by sahinduezguen
My name is HIRO NAKAMURA... by sahinduezguen
H.NAKAMURA - Lines by sahinduezguen
P. Petrelli by sahinduezguen
Painting Tutorial - Milo by sahinduezguen
Trick or Treat?? by mafalda_yu

Heroes GIFS - Two bloody gifs for Halloween by kiandra_fire

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