October 17th, 2011

Heroes News October 14-16

Challenge 70! Reminder at kbellstills

News and Information
New role for Milo? - A Good Day to Die Hard at milo_fans
ZQ Comes Out; plus, interview with New York Magazine at zqfans
I thought this was quite sweet (ZQ thanks supporters) at zqfans

Comm News and Information
Heroes Missing Scenes Ficathon! Round 2 Sign Ups! at
Re-Watch: Season 3 Episode 2 - The Butterfly Effect"> at heroes_faves

Gilded Genesis by rebelle_elle [Charlie Andrews, Claire Bennet, Lyle Bennet, Noah Bennet, Elle Bishop, Emma Coolidge, Charles Deveaux, Simone Deveaux, Gabriel Gray, Samson Gray, Audrey Hanson, Eden McCain, Isaac Mendez, Daphne Millbrook, Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman, Nathan Petrelli, Peter Petrelli, Chandra Suresh, Mohinder Suresh, Jackie Wilcox Hesam, Rene | PG]
Volition by meredithleon [Angela, Nathan, Peter | PG]

Won't You Let Me Be 22/? by asmodesgold [Peter/Sylar | NC-17]
The Magic of the Falls by disturbinglynic [Peter/Nathan | R]

She Is Heaven by cheeerie [Peter/Claire, Nathan, Noah (Sandra, Lyle, Angela, Arthur, Matt) | PG-13]

But Take the Spade from My Hand by ever_obsessed [Elle/Claire/Sylar | NC-17]
A Dark and Stormy Night by kethni [Matt/Mohinder, Nathan/Heidi | PG-13]
The Devil and Her Treasures by paynesgrey [Claire, Peter, Sylar, Elle, Noah Jr, Nathan, Rene, Danko, Knox, Daphne, Claire/Elle, Elle/Sylar, past Peter/Claire | R]

Black Edelweiss: Interlude 5 by black_sluggard [Castle crossover | R]

tasteslikestfu is looking for fics from the "I Am Become Death" verse with future!Sylar and past!Peter

Gif double-dosage! at heroes_gifs


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