October 9th, 2011

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Re-Watch: Season 3 Episode 1 - The Second Coming

This is the official Re-Watch Party Post!

At last season 2 is over!!!

The Second Coming - Nathan is rushed to hospital, where he receives a visit from a familiar face he thought he would never see again. Matt finds himself transported to somewhere unexpected as he uncovers the identity of Nathan's shooter. Hiro receives a final message from his father and encounters a "speedster", before seeing his death by someone shocking in a trip to the future. Sylar pays Claire a visit. A mysterious, yet familiar new face is introduced. Mohinder makes a shocking breakthrough with his research, thanks to Maya.

The rewatch for the week of October 9th is "The Second Coming". Please take some time during the week to watch and comment on the episode.

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If you need a little starting point for your thoughts on the episode:

What did you like?
What didn't you like?
What's your favorite moment?
What would you have liked to see happen differently?