September 28th, 2011

Heroes News! September 23 - 27

"Line" drabble challenge voting at heroes_contest
Challenge 68! Reminder at kbellstills
One-Shot challenge #31 // Spoil at heroes_contest
Heroes Missing Scenes Ficathon! at heroes_faves. Sign-ups for Round 1 start October 1st.
Challenge 68! Extention at kbellstills

Comm News and Information
sylar is sorry about the quiet and has started a discussion at heroes_faves
Re-Watch: Season 2 Episode 10 - Truth & Consequences at heroes_faves

General News
Anniversary Notice at gqmf_heroes
Big Miracle Trailer at kristenbellfans

Questions and Discussions
leviathan25 is searching for a Fic


Sex in the Alley by game_byrd [Sylar/Future!Peter | rated NC-17]
Lucky Morning by Vivihanna [Sylar/Peter Petrelli | rated PG]

We Break the World Anew 4/7 by ladywilde80 [Mohinder x Sylar, Peter x Claire | rated Hard R]

Sylar by Fenevad
Zachary Quinto ThereIsNo by gabiellalili
Sylar isn't the only creepy by Fenevad
ThisIsHowYouBreakMe by gabiellalili
ZQ - The Bleep Was That? by Vivihanna
.Gabriel Gray. by Herzfield
TFLN - Peter Claire - Smiling by Vivihanna
TFLN - Sylar Peter - 'Mallows by Vivihanna
TFLN - Sylar Peter - Hit You by Vivihanna
TFLN - Peter - Panda Rainbow by Vivihanna
TFLN - Sylar Peter - Message by Vivihanna
Peter Petrelli by SupremeJillSandwich
Ali Larter by CTHR3E

yourdesiire has posted some Hayden Panettiere icons
Sylar & Elle gif by kiandra_fire

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