August 17th, 2011

Heroes News! August 15 & 16

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Long Way From Redemption by kethni [Matt/Nathan | rated NC-17]
Hair Trigger by kethni [Matt/Mohinder | rated NC-17]
Moving On by boudecia7 [Matt/Mohinder | rated PG]
The Switch by boudecia7 [Matt/Mohinder, Peter/Sylar, Nathan, Hiro, Ando | rated PG]

Spice of Life by boudecia7 [Peter/Simone, Angela/Arthur, Peter/Caitlin, Nathan/Nikki, Peter/Nikki, Elle/Gabriel, Samuel/Vanessa, Peter/Nathan, Mohinder/Matt | rated PG]

Motivational - Milo - Sabotage by Vivihanna
Claire and West kiss by wondergunner
Milo Ventimiglia by masmar
Heroes MEMEMEME by JadeOwnerOfCATBoy

Peter by Spider-Man93
20in20 Round - breakinglocks icons at kbellstills
Just a few icons of Hayden + some Heroes icons by catie4ever

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Daily #474 - Isaac Mendez at heroespiclove
Tuesday Jack and Grunny and the blue screen! at jcoleman_daily
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Peter Red Light Special Video by Vivihanna

Name for Heroes shipper site?

I'm trying to thank of a name for the new Heroes website I'm going to make.

It's going to be a continue site where writers will be able to continue the story line from what was left off from season 4. ( Almost like role-playing )

If anybody would like to give some ideas please list it please.

I would like every one's ideas of what should the website be called.

I'll leave this up for a couple week, then i'll do a poll to see which one goes

I know there are a lot of Hero fans out so lets get to it.

Part one of this discussion is listed here