August 15th, 2011

Heroes News August 12-14

20in20 - summer round: mod post at kbellstills

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Re-Watch: Season 2 Episode 4 - The Kindness of Strangers at heroes_faves
Checkpoint #2 at heroes_bigboom

Questions and Discussions
faythbrady is looking for a beta for a Sylaire fic and would like to know you're favorite side pairing
dream_infinity0 is looking for a name for a shipper site

Another Family Affair (6/?) by jemma_lynette [Peter, OC | PG-13]
When Angels Fall by rebelle_elle [Elle, Claire, Daphne | G]
House of Mirrors by sylar [Sylar, Emma | R]
This is America by kethni [Matt | NC-17]

Creature Feature by jaune_chat [Matt, Mohinder, Peter, Elle/Luke, Nathan | PG-13]
London by Gaslight: Chapter 14 by hedge_labyrinth [Sylar/Claire | PG-13]

Prisoner by flying_monkees [Sylar, Peter | R]
A Horror of Emptiness by babel [Sylar, Chandra | PG-13]
Something Beautiful by jaune_chat [Matt/Mohinder | NC-17]
Off the Path by jaune_chat [Matt/Peter | NC-17]
Wall Verse Shorts: Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow by game_byrd [Sylar/Peter | R]



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VOTING - Crossover Challenge - VOTING

Time to vote!

Everyone will vote for THREE entries in order of their preference, like so below:

1st - title, author
2nd - title, author
3rd - title, author

It's important you follow these instructions exactly, and you must include title AND author when voting. It's easier to tally that way.


Please vote in a comment on this entry. All comments are screened. They will not be visible, but ISPs will be tracked.

It is important for members and watchers to vote! EVEN THOSE WHO ENTERED!

Also, please read and comment to the entries for those who took the time to enter.

The Entries:

Kill or Be Killed Dexter by flying_monkees

Meeting His Match 24 by vivihanna

Broken X-Men by mae_stark

I (Don't Want to) See Dead People Sixth Sense by game_byrd

Cherry Pie and Dreams Twin Peaks by amles80

Murder She Caused Murder She Wrote by gpgurl50

Deals With Devils Supernatural by rebelle_elle

Training Day Supernatural by paynesgrey

When You're Here, You're Family Batman by kojonoyuri