August 3rd, 2011

Heroes News August 1 & 2

Banners - Challenge #119 at zacharyq_stills
20in20 - Summer Round: Reminder by kbellstills

From the Back Pages by lotus0kid [Peter, Claude | rated PG-13]

A Very Sadistic Christmas (Chapter 12) by yasminezamanfan [Elle/Claire | rated Hard R]
Marked by boudecia7 [Matt/Mohinder | rated PG-13]

In the Face of Death by dancingdragon3 [The Pit and the Pendulum crossover | Sylar, Peter | rated NC-17]
Meeting His Match by Vivihanna [crossover with 24 | Sylar, Peter, Mohinder, Jack Bauer, Chloe O'Brian | rated PG-13]
Cherry Pie and Dreams by amles80 [crossover with Twin Peaks | Angela Petrelli, Audrey Horne, Arthur Petrelli, Agent Cooper, the Log Lady, Daniel Linderman | rated G]

Zach Cute Sylar by SaerwenApsenniel
MURDER by Glisean
Sylar Peter PS3 HD Wallpaper by Vivihanna
Masi Oka mini-portrait by whu-wei
Hiro Nakamura by SlytherinPrincess13
Mind Freak 1 by HeroforPain
WIP - RK by ArchXAngel20
Robert Knepper by ArchXAngel20
Peter Petrelli by SlytherinPrincess13
Sylar by SlytherinPrincess13
Mohinder Suresh by SlytherinPrincess13
Maya Herrera by SlytherinPrincess13

444; Pemma gif by obisgirl

Daily #459 - Claire Bennet at heroespiclove
Monday Jack - Lens Flare! at jcoleman_daily
836 at quinto_daily
#37 by heroes_sylar
443; at milodaily
#494 at pasdar_daily
837 at quinto_daily
Daily #460 - BTS: Group at heroespiclove
#38 at heroes_sylar
Dania and Jack for Tuesday at jcoleman_daily
#495 at pasdar_daily


Heroes Sylar, Peter Creep Vid by Vivihanna

*If I missed anything, I apologize. Some of the dates for posts are not in chronological order.