August 1st, 2011

Heroes News July 29-31

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News and Information
New "The Divide" Pic and Review" at milo_fans
G4 talks to Milo and Adrian about Marvel Anime at gqmf_heroes
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Comm News at heroes_faves

Questions and Discussions

In the Face of Death by dancingdragon3 [Sylar, Peter | NC-17]

Angels & Lovers 8-13 by obisgirl [Peter/Claire | R]
At Last by obisgirl [Peter/Claire | R]
Training by obisgirl [Adam/Claire | R]

Chocolate by quaint_camera [Mohinder/Sylar | PG-13]
We Break the World Anew 1-7 by ladywilde80 [Maya, Hiro, Elle, Molly, Nathan | R]
Wall Verse Shorts: Break Time by game_byrd [Mohinder/Sylar | R]

Meeting His Match by vivihanna [24 Crossover | Sylar, Peter, Mohinder, Jack Bauer, Chloe O'Brian | PG-13]
Broken by mae_stark [X-Men Crossover | Claire, Logan/Marie | PG]
Transparent Signals by obisgirl [Alphas Crossover | Peter/Claire (non-incest), Doctor Rosen, various Alphas | PG-13]
I (Don't Want To) See Dead People by game_byrd [Sixth Sense Crossover | Sylar, Cole Sear | PG]
In the Face of Death by dancingdragon3 [The Pit and the Pendulum Crossover | Sylar, Peter | NC-17]


[picspam] Hogwarts Founders: the epic multi-fandom recasting by kimmy_dreamer
20in20 icons for kbellstills by marty_moriarty
20in20 icons for kbellstills by yoli_19
Two gifs to make up for LJ at heroes_gifs
20in20 icons for kbellstills by rebelle_elle

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