July 31st, 2011

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Comm News

Re-Watch Season Two - Lizards
With all the LJ issues of this past week, there were no comments on the re-watch post, so we'll keep that one going for another week.

Crossover Challege
The new entry deadline is August 5th. Please keep your stories within the wordcount limits of 1-3 thousand words.

Heroes News
If you know of any comms that we're not reporting on for the news, please let us know. So far I think it's been going well. We are in need of a backup poster though.
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I (don't want to) see dead people

Title: I (Don't Want To) See Dead People
Characters: Sylar, Cole Sear (aged forward about five years)
Crossover: Sixth Sense
Genre: Gen
Author: Game_byrd
Word count: ~2,000

Setting: Season 1, July 2006 (which makes it pre-season for everything except "Six Months Ago")
Summary: Sylar is stalking a special, whose power would have very, very bad consequences for someone like himself. Written for heroes_faves Crossover Challenge.