July 17th, 2011

Bad thoughts
  • sylar

Re-Watch: Season 2 Episode 1 - Four Months Later

This is the official Re-Watch Party Post!

Four Months Later - The majority of this episode takes place four months after the events of Season 1's finale. In the chronology of the series, the Season 1 finale took place in November 2006, which dates this episode in March 2007. Also, Hiro's scenes take place in 1671. In this episode we meet Claire's stalker, West, and the adorable wonder twins - Alejandro and Maya.

The rewatch for the week of July 18th is "Four Months Later". Please take some time during the week to watch and comment on the episode.


If you need a little starting point for your thoughts on the episode:

What did you like?
What didn't you like?
What's your favorite moment?
What would you have liked to see happen differently?