July 6th, 2011

Heroes News for July 4 & 5

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Crack Fic - Pervert - Sylar and Fox Mulder

Character: Sylar, Fox Mulder
Genre: Gen
Author: sylar
Fandom: Heroes and X Files
Word count: 450ish
Rating: R
Prompts: Mojo Jojo: All right, you flea-bitten curs! Heel! I, Mojo Jojo, am your master, and you shall obey my commands like the dogs you are! Because I am your master, it is I who you will obey! Obeying commands is what you will do! I will give you commands, and you will obey them! a_muse_meme
Notes: This was written for rp_shadesofgray where ohnombrains is trying to get the FBI off his ass. This is a crack crossover.

Killing the painter had been easy. Taking his power had been a nice afternoon bit of fun and games. Getting paints to try my new power wasn’t as easy. I went to Isaac’s studio, but it was obvious someone else had been there. There was a shit load of bad paintings that I knew the artists formerly known as Isaac Mendez, now known as pigeon food, couldn’t have done. They were rough. They were crude, and if I didn’t know better, I’d say I painted them, which in this fuck-o-rama was entirely possible.

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