June 27th, 2011

Heroes News June 22 - June 26

Banners - Challenge 117 at zacharyq_stills
Challenge 63! reminder at kbellstills (deadline June 26)
Challenge 64 at kbellstills (deadline July 3)
Midweek Reminder - Challenge 118 at zacharyq_stills (deadline July 3)
Collateral Damage voting at heroes_contest (ends June 30)
Drabble Challenge #29//Renegade at heroes_contest (deadline July 23)

Comm News and Information
Crossover Challenge Countdown at heroes_faves
Re-Watch, S1 Ep. 21: The Hard Part at heroes_faves

General News
Iron Man and Wolverine premiere on July 29
First sneak peek at Iron Man voiced by Adrian, cameo by Wolverine/Milo

Questions and Discussions


Hitting the Motherload 2/3 by vivihanna [Peter, Sylar, Mohinder | PG-13]
Unwanted Company by paynesgrey [Sylar, Claire | PG]
The Storyteller by meredithleon [Gabriel Gray | PG]
Die Trying by rebelle_elle [Thompson, Candice, Noah | PG]

Won't You Let Me Be 11/? by asmodesgold [Sylar/Peter | NC-17]
Heroes of Tomorrow 4: Good Times by del_rion [Claire, Noah, Edgar, Ando, Hiro, Peter, Micah, Mohinder, Sylar, Molly, others | R]
What We Are Or Might Have Been 5/? by seraphtrevs [Mohinder/Sylar | R]
Lead Me Out on the Moonlit Floor by lornrocks [Mohinder/Sylar, Micah | PG]

Noah/Sandra drabble by game_byrd [Noah/Sandra | R]

Never Dying on Me by rosie1234, Heroes/Supernatural crossover [Adam/Jo | PG-13]
Make It Up As We Go Along by stainofmylove, Heroes/X-Men: First Class Crossover [Elle/Xavier | PG-13]


Santiago Cabrera as Lancelot at heroes_gifs
Icons for year_of_celebs by darkpalace (100 Milo icons)

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