June 20th, 2011

Heroes News June 17-June 20

Challenge 62 winners at kbellstills
Challenge 63 reminder at kbellstills (deadline: June 19)
Voting Challenge 117 at zacharyq_stills (open until Wednesday)
Challenge 118 at zacharyq_stills (deadline: July 3)
Collateral Damage Challenge at heroes_contest (deadline: June 25)

Comm News and Information
thenewpub is open
Re-watch Episode 20: Five Years Gone at heroes_faves

General News
Zachary Quinto due to perform for The 24 Hour Plays in LA at zqfans
Rock the House! - tonight! - news at jcoleman_daily
A new Jack Coleman interview at jcoleman_daily

Whatever It Takes 20 by faythbrady [Sylar/Claire | YA]
Forget Me Not 12/? by oddbunny_dreams [Sylar/Claire | T]
Thus Spoke Zarathustra // Chapter 3: Possession by lightningfields [Sylar/Claire | R]

Won't You Let Me Be (10/?) by asmodesgold [Sylar/Peter | NC-17]
Movie Night by vivihanna [Sylar/Peter | R]

Collateral Damage Entry by game_byrd [Sylar, Heidi, Simon, Monty | PG-13]
True Invincibility by tobeperfectxoxo [Angela, Noah, Criminal Minds chars | PG]
Unhappy Endings by dancingdragon3 [Charles Deveaux, Ricky, Sue Landers, Sandra Bennet, others | PG-13]

Peter & Noah gif at heroes_gifs

Daily #420 Claire Bennet at heroespiclove
806 at quinto_daily
Rock the House! Tomorrow at jcoleman_daily
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#453 at pasdar_daily
411; friday's post at milodaily
Daily #421 - Niki & Micah at heroespiclove
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Pic of the day #3 at heroes_sylar
Saturday Jack riding life's merry-go-round at jcoleman_daily
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Pic of the Day #4 at heroes_sylar
241 at daily_bell
In honor of Father's Day and Rock the House which aired last night at jcoleman_daily
#455 at pasdar_daily
Monday Jack - Rocking out! at jcoleman_daily
Daily #422 - Eric Doyle at heroespiclove

luna_moth05 is looking for Sylar/Claire kissing manips
luna_moth05 asks your opinion on Sylar/Claire v. Claire/Gretchen
luna_moth05 asks about your opinion on Claire/Gretchen v. Sylar/Elle
luna_moth05 asks if there are any Sylar/Claire or Elle/Claire fics that take place in either the "I Am Become Death" or "Five Years Gone" universe or any fics out there where Claire and Elle are sisters.