June 14th, 2011

He Started It
  • sylar

Crossover Challenge RULES!

The Dates:
Start – June 15, 2011
Posting – You may begin posting July 1st
Deadline – August 5th
Voting – August 15th – 22nd
Winners – Will get a pretty banner!

The Rules:
1. Stories must be new: They should be written only for this challenge. You may post them in other comms as well, but they must be posted to heroes_faves first.

2. Word Count should fall between 1000 and 3000 words. Grammar and spelling matter.

3. Fandoms: Any and all are allowed as long as a Heroes’ character is included in your story.

4. Crossover Details: You may feature characters from Heroes in another fandom’s setting, characters from another fandom in the Heroes setting or a total mash-up if that works for you. No more than Heroes + one other fandom though, please.

5. No Original Characters Allowed except as minor filler characters. Basically if they have a speaking part, they should be part of one fandom or the other.

6. Number of Entries: You may only post one story for this contest.

7. Posting Details: Please use the following on your posts. Link all fic to your journal. All fic must be tagged with - crossover challenge - to be counted.

Characters: all characters and pairings are allowed
Crossover: name the other fandom
Genre: gen, het, slash
Word count:

8. Comments: Please comment on the entries. Comments make writers purr. It is like giving Sylar a new power.

9. Prizes: We’re all poor here, but you will receive a banner for participating. The winner will get an extra special super shiny banner.

10. Copying this idea: YES please feel free to use this challenge for other fandoms!