June 7th, 2011

Heroes News June 2-5

Sorry it's so late! Fun stuff at work. By which I mean, I'm really glad the day is over. It looks like we're all caught up again and have lots of fun stuff to read/look at, so enjoy!

Note: Sorry it's even later, since I posted it to the wrong journal. So now Monday is over, lol.

heroes_bigboom announces the Round Five schedule. Writer sign-ups are here, and artist/vidder sign-ups are here.
quinto_daily has opened sign-ups once again
heroes_faves is holding its weekly rewatch with S01E18: Parasite
heroes_faves is also holding a crossover fic challenge

Challenge 62 at kbellstills (Deadline June 12)
Challenge 117 is open at zacharyq_stills (Deadline June 19)
Challenge 61 voting at kbellstills
landofart is open for challenges
Voting for Challenge #116 at zacharyq_stills
Winners to Header Challenge 3 announced at zacharyq_stills
Challenge 60 winners announced at kbellstills
Banners from the Fire challenge at heroes_contest

luna_moth05 would like to know if anyone has seen a fic wherein Hiro goes 300 years into the future, and Sylar and Claire are together?

The Reason by vivihanna (PG, feat. Sylar/Peter)
Drabble snippets by ever_obsessed (PG-13, feat. Claire, Elle)
Won't You Let Me Be 5/? by asmodesgold (PG-13, feat. Sylar/Peter)
What We Are or Might Have Been 4/11 (R, feat. Mohinder/Sylar)
Wall Verse Short Stories by game_byrd (PG-13, feat. Peter/Sylar)
Won't You Let Me Be 6/? by asmodesgold (PG-13, feat. Sylar/Peter)
Fire and Ice, Part 3 by sylar (R, feat. Sylar, Peter)
How to Totally Stop a Bogus Exploding Man by vivihanna (PG, feat. Sylar, Peter, two famous time travelers from the past)

Hesam, Peter, Nathan Graphics by adnawan (G)
20 Veronica Mars Icons by majka2115
Peter gif at heroes_gifs

Milo has joined the cast of the upcoming comedy, "I Hate You Dad"

Daily #406 In the Past at heroespiclove
#799 Zach Picture at quinto_daily
#397 Milo Picture at milodaily
Wednesday Jack looks happy at jcoleman_daily
#437 Adrian Picture at pasdar_daily
Thursday Jack with Masi at jcoleman_daily
Daily #407 Tracy vs. Edgar at heroespiclove
#800 Zach Picture at quinto_daily
#438 Adrian Picture at pasdar_daily
Daily #408 The Wall at heroespiclove
#398 Milo Picture at milodaily
#801 Zach Picture at quinto_daily
Friday HRG looks happy in his cell at jcoleman_daily
Saturday Jack and Wendi enjoy a rainy weekend! at jcoleman_daily
#802 Zach Picture at quinto_daily
#440 Adrian Picture at pasdar_daily
#399 Milo Picture at milodaily
239 Kristen Picture at daily_bell
#803 Zach Picture at quinto_daily
#400 Milo Picture at milodaily
#441 Adrian Picture at pasdar_daily
New twitter pics from Milo at milo_fans
Monday Jack - Noir Jack at jcoleman_daily
Daily #409 The Art of Deception at heroespiclove
Let's pretend this is Sunday's pic d: at jcoleman_daily
#401 Milo Picture at milodaily
#406 Adrian Picture at pasdar_daily

Two pic comms had centennials in the past week. Congratulations to milodaily and quinto_daily!