May 29th, 2011

Heroes Fandom News March 16-May 11, May 17-May 21

I'm going to go ahead and post tonight since I got everything caught up and don't want anything to happen to it, and because some of you might be bored and there's a huge fanfic section. This is huge enough that there are probably multiple errors. If you spot one (or more), just point them out and I'll get it fixed ASAP.

One Shot Challenge #29 at heroes_contest
Badfic Winners and Banners announced at heroes_faves
Challenge 60 at kbellstills (ends May 29)
Challenge #116 at zacharyq_stills (ends June 5)
Voting for Header Challenge #3 extended at zacharyq_stills
Round 8 sign-ups at xovers20in20
Elle/Claire fanpop site is looking for spot banners (ends end of May)

Comm News and Information
Episode Rewatch 1.17: Company Man on Monday, May 30 at heroes_faves

VIP auctions at eBay has Heroes props and wardrobe items for sale
Assaf Cohen Updates! at bamf_hesam
Sendhil Ramamurthy's movie Shor is available for pre-order
Adrian Pasdar's episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent has been postponed until June 5
Heroes crew member Foz McDermott is auctioning off some of his personal Heroes collection
Trailer for Zach's new movie, What's Your Number at gqmf_heroes
Adrian Pasdar voicing Tony Stark/ Iron Man and Milo Ventimiglia voicing Wolverine for new anime shows.
Milo makes an appearance in a Beastie Boys clip.
Thomas Dekker talks about his character on Heroes at heroes_faves
Milo has a new role
Milo interview and photoshoot
2 clips from Milo's movie, The Divide
Milo and Greg Talk About It!
3-Minute Clip of Milo's Wolverine
Videos from Sendhil and USA Upfronts
Sendhil Interview for Shor
Sendhil and Sensibility (Interview)
Sendhil "not really concerned with survivng in Bollywood" interview
BTS Vid of Sendhil at a photoshoot with Preeti Desai and... macking on her?
Girl Walks Into a Bar (Free Feature Film starring Zachary Quinto

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All You Wanted - Claire/Elle by luna_moth05
Peter/Hesam fanvid by brandinsbabe
This is Goodbye by jemmalynette Peter, Claire from Lost
Give Me Novocain by vivihanna Sylar, Peter
Bottoms Up - Sylar, Peter, Matt, Nathan, Claire, Noah by vivihanna
Undisclosed Desires - Doctor/Elle Bishop/Master by gwack89
Inception, Heroes style by jacquelin825

Questions & Discussion
luna_moth05 is looking for some FYG and I Am Become Death universe fics
amles80 asks, when Sylar was in Matt's head, is he the boss (Someone call up Abed!)
game_byrd has a question about Meredith and Sylar
game_byrd asked where The Wall scenes were filmed
jaimie_prufrock could use some help finding research!fails in Heroes
effulgentgirl has some points Heroes and its familial relationships
sasukichan101 is looking for Peter time-traveling fic
sylar discusses Gabriel's empathy and intuitive aptitude
1bill_sookie brings up what Sylar's tattoo of Claire might mean
luna_moth05 wants to know what your fave Sylar/Claire scenes & dialogue are and why
sara_no_h is looking for some
vickyblueeyez would like to know if you found a comm hosting copies of deleted fanfic, would you use it?
hallowstranger is looking for Petrelli family stories
luna_moth05 is looking for essays and Sylar/Elle ships
catyuy would like to know why people ship Elle and Sylar