April 23rd, 2011

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Meredith and Sylar story question

I have this memory of a story that involves Meredith and Sylar. I don't know if I 'wrote' the story in my head as I sometimes do, then never got around to writing it down; or if I read the story somewhere and liked it so much that it got incorporated firmly into my personal fanon. So before I rush off to write this story that might be a copy of what someone else already wrote, I thought I'd find out if anyone else remembered this. I'd hate to plagiarize.

The story was set at the Hartsdale Primatech research facility in the episode Dual. The place is burning down. Meredith can't stop the fire raging from her, but she's not taking any damage from it. Eventually, well after the rest of the building is in flames, the metal of the doorframe slags and she gets out. She goes through the still-burning ruins, looking for survivors. She finds Sylar's body, badly burned, on the way to incinerating entirely. She figures it's Sylar, but isn't sure. She hauls him out of the wreckage and puts out the fire. She pulls out the glass shard so his head will lie flat on the ground and doesn't look so grotesque. He begins regenerating immediately. Shocked, she puts it back and he stops. She ponders the situation - her life, her moral decisions, Sylar's pronouncements over the facility PA that he would make everyone else admit they were monsters just like him. Meredith had killed her father; her brother was a villain; she herself was no white knight. And Sylar's true enemy here was Angela Petrelli - the woman who had taken away Meredith's daughter. Maybe Angela had done something similar to Sylar. Meredith felt a pang of sympathy for him, but she knew Sylar would only see her as a threat or a victim. She pulled out the shard again and ran off, leaving the body to restore itself. Sylar wakes up alone, not sure how he got outside. Last thing he remembers is facing off with Angela. End of story.

So ... um, psycho-question-time here ... is that familiar at all to anyone as a plot-line, or was it all in my head? I feel really stupid for asking that, but not near as stupid as I'll feel if I write it and find out I'm unintentionally copying something I read a year ago.