April 12th, 2011

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Role-play post location question

Some months back, I was approached by another Heroes fanfic writer about doing a writing exchange/role play of Peter and Sylar in the Wall verse. I agreed. She took Sylar; I took Peter; and off we went.

It sounds silly to say, but I really don't know what I'm doing with this project except having a great time. I'm not even sure what the right word/phrase/label is for what we're doing - collaborative writing? Fanfic penpals? Role play? Play-by-post? Writing exchange? I don't know. I write 300-1500 words of what Peter's doing/saying, then she writes the same of what Sylar's doing/saying, usually in response to whatever the previous one of us did/said.

It looks a lot like what I see thewatchmaker doing over on Heroesreduxrpg, which has looked really darned interesting to me, but ... other than kind of ogling that a bit, I've left it alone.

Now we have around 130,000 words of "stuff" written and my writing partner suggested we start publishing it somewhere in case someone else wanted to read it. I had a couple other people express interest in reading it. Does anyone know where this stuff should be published? As entries in my LJ? Should I ask a site like Heroesreduxrpg or wherever if we can/should post it there? My writing partner had a site too, but I'm not sure how much traffic it gets.

So far we've been doing this by email exchange and Word documents.

All you more experienced role-player types - advice?