March 14th, 2011

Mod Message - OOC
  • sylar

Hey Guys! Just a quick note from the mods.

Re-Watch: Next week we’re going to try something new. The 10pm GMT wasn’t exactly working for everyone as it was a bit late for some in the UK/Europe, and it was a bit too early on the West Coast of the US where I am.

For Episode #7 – Nothing to Hide – we’ll post an official Re-Watch post here on the comm. Please try to watch the episode and comment on it from 4-9pm your time. (Not that we can check, so you can really watch it whenever)

You’re also free to comment on the post whenever you get to watch the episode during the week.

Bad Fic Challenge: We’ve gotten a lot of really, really bad fics. Please keep them coming. The final day to post and be included in the contest is March 31st. If your post hits the comm on April 1st, you are too late.

I’ve had so much fun with the Bad Fic Challege that I’ve created a comm reallybadfic where you can post Bad Fic for any fandom – not just Heroes. Be sure to join and contribute there too.