March 4th, 2011

waterhouse rose

Bad!fic #2: In Which Mr. Muggles and I Read Slash

Title: Fic in which Mr. Muggles and I read slash
Author: amles80
Rating/Genre: pg?/crack (or something close to it)
Characters/Pairing: Me, The Bennet family; references to Noah/Angela, Peter Gabriel/everyone
Summary: A scene from the kitchen while we are eating waffles talking about Peter Gabriel.
Word count: 538
Disclaimer: I only own me, not the Bennets. Peter Gabriel belongs to kidarania_nika (except the real person with the same name who is his own person).
Warnings: It’s for the bad!fic challenge!!!
Notes: This is a spinoff from kidarania_nika’s fic (posted with permission, because this challenge is inspiring like this!!), based on a series of comments in my journal. Background story: I had written a non-fluffy fic and we like waffles and… and you don’t really need to know. ;)
i'm not abel i'm just cain

Badfic: Immortal Beloved

Title: Immortal Beloved
Characters: Nathan Petrelli, Peter Petrelli, Mohinder Suresh, Sylar, own original hellspawn
Genre: … gen, het AND slash.
Author: reanimathan
Word count: 1,899
Rating: R
Note: I’m going to BURN IN HELL for this.

May God have mercy on my sinning soul.