March 2nd, 2011

Wild Adapter

Badfic Entry - "Booyeah" by (the tacitly ashamed) Kidarania_Nika

Title: Booyeah
Characters: OMC(?), "me", Peter, Sylar, Claire, Gretchen, Angela, Noah, Luke, Hiro, Isaac, and the entire galaxy.
Genre: Het, slash, literal PWP -- and I do mean "literal".
Author: Kidarania_Nika
Word count: (Warning included) 964
Rating: .... R.

Peter Gabriel and Peter and Sylar walk into a bar...

I actually considered making a new LJ to post this on. I am still going to a confessional though...

"Beta" read by my little sisters latinaknight  and kiritykitty.
Noah Bennet

Bad!Fic Entry #2: Noah Bennet: The Man with the Birth Plan

Title: Noah Bennet: The Man with the Birth Plan
Characters: Noah Bennet, various other people who don’t matter
Genre: het and slash
Author: Game_byrd the Early Byrd
Word count: 542 before I added the title block
Rating: R
Note: Because I hate mpreg (without explanation, or at least hand-waving), OOCness, misrepresentations of pregnancy, and people who can’t follow the rules. I fully expect this to be disqualified for my failure to follow the rules. That’s why I am entering this as bad!fic.

waterhouse rose

Bad Fic: The Lifesaver

Title: The Lifesaver
Author: amles80
Rating/Genre: PG/fluff, femslash, badfic
Characters/Pairing: Kate ‘Kitty-Cat’ Bennet and her family, Angela and her sons, Sylar; Kate/Angela
Summary: Did you guys know that Claire has an older (adopted) sister? She has the ability to heal other people. That’s a good ability to have in season three.
Word count: Leave it to me to almost exceed the upper limit: 1 800
Warnings: This soup is made of one cup of Bennet-fluff, three cups of shameless Angela-adoration, and a tablespoon of Sylar-death…
Notes: This is inspired by almost everybody else (and a special thank you to jackvelvet for putting the word "adoption" in my mind - really, this started from that!) and I don’t know if people take that as a compliment in a bad!fic challenge but you know, that’s how inspiration works sometimes… I kind of wish I hadn’t written anything Angela-related because that’s what I almost always do anyway*blush*