February 22nd, 2011

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The Prisoner, a Five Years Gone Future-Fic

Title: The Prisoner
Characters: Future!Peter and Future!Sylar, of the Five Years Gone 'verse, Hiro gets a scene, Jessica and Stephen Canfield get cameos
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Fully resisted non-consensual sex, explicit sexual content, disturbing situations, moderate physical torture, other sex of a dubiously consensual nature
Word count: ~26,000
Setting: Five Years Gone 'verse
Summary: Peter lost the fight with Sylar at the federal building. His allies assumed Sylar killed him, as he did all specials he came across in the messy war they were fighting. Sylar though, had something else in mind.
Author's Notes: This is a psycho-horror/drama. It's supposed to be dark. It ends well.

Chapter 1, The Hammer - game-byrd.livejournal.com/42043.html
Chapter 2, The Stick - game-byrd.livejournal.com/42853.html
Chapter 3, The Carrot - game-byrd.livejournal.com/43120.html
Chapter 4, The Bribe - game-byrd.livejournal.com/43309.html
Chapter 5, The Reprieve - game-byrd.livejournal.com/43661.html
Chapter 6, The Fantasy - game-byrd.livejournal.com/43947.html
Chapter 7, The Division - game-byrd.livejournal.com/44083.html
Chapter 8, The Finale - game-byrd.livejournal.com/44364.html