February 10th, 2011

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Romances of Maury Parkman Master Post

Title: The Romances of Maury Parkman (Master Post)
Characters: Maury Parkman, Angela Petrelli, Patricia Pennington (OC)
Rating: NC-17 for the first three chapters, R for the last three
Genre: Gen/Het, Romance, Drama
Warnings: Explicit sexual content
Word count: ~23,000 in 6 chapters
Setting: Shattered Salvation AU (it helps to have read other stuff, but isn't strictly necessary).  This story begins in early summer of 2010 and ends in spring of 2011. It is set post season 4, following canon with the exception of "The Art of Deception," "The Wall," and "Brave New World." (Those episodes didn't happen in the AU.) Also, Maury Parkman's "death" in canon is explained as being just another mental projection, staged for Daphne at Arthur's behest - so he's still alive and kicking.
Summary: Maury Parkman has begun working for the Company again, but his life is rather empty. Everyone he knows hates him or is used by him. He begins to realize this isn't how he wants to spend what little is left of his life. The first three chapters recount encounters with the OC Patty, but he breaks that off to pursue Angela Petrelli.
Author’s Notes: As usual for my stories, italics are thoughts. Italic and underlined are mental commands ("push a thought" or "a whammy"). Bold is forceful emphasis. Italics in the context of a quoted statement is pitch-change emphasis.

Chapter 1: Getting Ahead in the Company - game-byrd.livejournal.com/40602.html
Chapter 2: Giving to Get - game-byrd.livejournal.com/40787.html
Chapter 3: Friends with Benefits - game-byrd.livejournal.com/41077.html
Chapter 4: Shared Sweetness - game-byrd.livejournal.com/41336.html
Chapter 5: Valentine's Day - game-byrd.livejournal.com/41567.html
Chapter 6: Luckiest Man Alive - game-byrd.livejournal.com/41852.html