February 1st, 2011

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The Adventures of Matt Parkman: Master List

Title: The Adventures of Matt Parkman
Characters: Matt Parkman, Janice Parkman, Matty Parkman, Maury Parkman, Ryan Evans (OC), Patricia Pennington (OC), Molly, a few other bit characters
Rating: R
Genre: Gen, Psycho-horror, Drama
Warnings: Physical and emotional abuse, drug use and abuse, adult themes, moral ambiguity, vulgar language. No graphic sex, though sex is mentioned.
Word count: ~65,000 in 25 chapters
Setting: Shattered Salvation AU (though you need not have read any of that to follow this).  This story begins in early spring of 2010 and ends in August of 2010. It is set post season 4, following canon for Matt Parkman with the exception of "The Art of Deception," "The Wall," and "Brave New World." (Those episodes didn't happen in the AU.)
Summary: Matt Parkman is in Los Angeles, living with Janice and little Matty, trying to figure out how to be a stay-at-home father and the hero he thinks he is meant to be. He does not succeed. The story tells the tale of power and temptation corrupting someone who had the best of intentions, and how he manages to get his life together afterward.
Author’s Notes:  The story goes to some pretty dark places, just so you know. Matt is neither a hero nor villain (and neither is anyone else). Maury Parkman's death in canon is explained as being just another mental projection, staged for Daphne at Arthur's behest. As usual for my stories, italics are thoughts. Italic and underlined are mental commands ("push a thought" or "a whammy"). Bold is forceful emphasis. Italics in the context of a quoted statement is pitch-change emphasis.

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