News Gathering for Heroes_Faves (heroes_news) wrote in heroes_faves,
News Gathering for Heroes_Faves

Heores News! September 5 & 6

Challenge 88! Reminder at kbellstills

Questions & Discussions
Heroes Rewatch Reminder! via game_byrd

General News
New role for a webserie at milo_fans
Kiss of the Damned World Premiere at milo_fans

Fan Fiction

You Wake Up in Someone Else's Body by sylar [Sylar, Matt Parkman | PG]
Black Edelweiss – Chapter Twenty: Hide and Seek by black_sluggard [Castle xover | Noah, Angela, and others | R]

Wednesday brings another treasure at jcoleman_daily

Watch the Frog! by rolliraserin at milodaily

Daily #850 – Peter Petrelli at heroespiclove
#895 at pasdar_daily
Daily #851 – Claire & Rene (the Haitian) at heroespiclove
768 at milodaily
A “children of the bride” pic for Thursday at jcoleman_daily
#896 at pasdar_daily
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