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Heroes Faves Community Prompt Table

Complete as many of these prompts as you can. Post your entries to heroes_faves. The first one to use a Prompt will have their work linked on the master table.

There is no deadline.
There are no word count limits.
Fills can be fic, videos or graphics.

Header: Something like this
Genre: Gen
Word count: 680

Tag your entries with: 100 prompts, what prompt you used, author tag
I will make new tags are needed.

001. Fire 002. Ice 003. Lost 004. Found 005. Hero 006. Villain 007. Blood 008. Faith 009. Hopeless 010. Mirror
011. Stars 012. Redemption 013. Beach 014. Alley 015. Warehouse 016. Cell 017. Duty 018. Lazy 019. Love 020. Busy
021. Hate 022. Party 023. Dance 024. Forgotten 025. Remembered 026. Nightmare 027. Fantasy 028. Happy 029. Afraid 030. Alone
031. Race 032. Sibling 033. Hunted 034. Hunter 035. Gun 036. Power 037. Truth 038. Lies 039. Whisper 040. Scream
041. Company 042. Life 043. Death 044. Peter 045. Hiro 046. Claire 047. Noah 048. Parkman 049. Sylar 050. Mohinder
051. Nathan 052. Tracy 053. Niki 054. Ando 055. Angela 056. Linderman 057. Elle 058. Eden 059. Chandra 060. Rene
061. Claude 062. Isaac 063. Micah 064. Molly 065. Daphne 066. Sandra 067. Zach 068. Hanna 069. Arthur 070. Danko
071. Monica 072. DL 073. Adam 074. Maya 075. Samuel 076. Edgar 077. Lydia 078. Meredith 079. Kaito 080. Ted
081. Candice 082. Doyle 083. Samson 084. Knox 085. Alice 086. Usuti 087. Emma 088. Eli 089. Jeremy 090. Joseph
091. Becky 092. Gretchen 093. Virginia 094. Janice 095. Audrey 096. Thompson 097. Caitlyn 098. Yaeko 099. Hessam 100. Zimmerman

Buffy 1

(no subject)

I've created heroesrndrobin, a community for us to work together and write some fics. If you want to join, go to the comm and click join and I'll accept you.

WARNING: This comm will be frequently delving into slash, femmeslash as well as het and might deal with sensitive subjects. Fair warning.
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WTF Seriously?
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Opinion on the Heroes Reboot

It’s already been done. The show was called Alphas, and it was awesome. It was also canceled by SyFy which is part of NBC Universal that owned Heroes.

It’s not Heroes without Peter, Sylar, and HRG. I’ve got no interest in it whatsoever. I didn’t watch NBC for years because I was pissed about Heroes. I didn’t start watching until this year for Revolution.

So no thanks. Go yank someone else’s chain and heart strings. You broke mine already when you canceled Heroes and again when you canceled Alphas.

Articles about the possible reboot:

The Mary Sue
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Sorry about the CAPTCHA

I have been inundated by SPAM comments the past few days, and I have had enough. I've gone through every comm that I run, and I've made it a requirement for non-members to use CAPTCHA. I've also done it on all of my RP accounts.

If you run a comm, do your members a favor, and turn CAPTCHA on. Because if the comm doesn't have the CAPTCHA requirement, it doesn't matter if you have that requirement set up in your actual journal.

Please pass this information around and feel free to repost this message.
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Petlar Tribute Fic - The Many Faces of Petlar - The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Dirty

Title: The Many Faces of Petlar - The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Dirty
Author: dancingdragon3
Characters/Pairing: Sylar/Peter, appearances by Angela, Noah, and Mohinder
Length: ~ 10,000 words over all
Rating: NC-17 over all
Genre: romance over all
Summary: This is my tribute to Petlar through the ages, my favorite Heroes pairing. It is written in three parts, each section an example of the different ways we’ve twisted canon to get these boys together over the years. Told in reverse chronological order. Each self-contained tale is published separately, for length, and if you want to avoid the last one.

Written for heroes_contest One-Shot Challenge #36: Favorite Couple.
**Only three more challenges left! Join us for the countdown to the end!

Individual links, brief summaries, and warnings:
The Good: Set during The Wall, season four. Contains graphic sexual content. Resolved sexual tension.

The Bad: Set in season three. Romance, bad-fic. Contains violence, implied incest, lots of cliches. Brother fic.

The Downright Dirty: Set in season one. An homage to old school Petlar, back when everything was dark, Sylar was a complete psycho, and Peter’s characterization was questionable. Dark humor, dark romance. Major Warnings: necrophiliac non-con that changes to dub-con that changes to smut.
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Newsletter News

Is there anyone here who would be interested in posting for the newsletter? Two of the people who have been working on it no longer have the time to do so (myself included). We have one person left who's willing to continue posting Wednesdays and Thursdays, but that still leaves the rest of the week.

If no one steps up, it may be the end of the newsletter.

Anyone interested?

Heroes News! September 12 & 13

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Questions & Discussion
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General News
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Fan Fiction

Hero-ish by RobinGills (Akiseo) [RPF mentions Heroes | Stephan Colbert/Keith Oberman, John Stewart | Teen]
A Life Worth Living by DalekFighter1190 [Sylar/Peter | Explicit]
How Sylar saved Christmas by DalekFighter11 [Sylar/Peter | Explicit]
I Do by DalekFighter11 [Sylar/Peter | Teen]
Metamorphosis by like_gallows [Sylar/Peter | NC-17]
X- and Average Men by Perpetual Motion (perpetfic) [X-Men xover | Matt/Mohinder | Teen]
Brutal Honesty: Crucible - Catharsis part 1/4 by dancingdragon3 [Sylar/Peter | NC-17]

Phoenix out of Blood by shealynn88 [Supernatural xover | Dean, Sam, Claire | Teen]

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